Level 2 Electrician (Authorised Service Provider)
Level 2 / Cat 1, 2, 3 & 4 Authorised Service Provider - (ASP)
Authorised by an "Electricity Network" to undertake contestable installation of overhead & underground service mains & metering equipment, the disconnection & reconnection of supply to carry out work on an installation & energising installations.

All Level 2 Authorised Service Provider's (ASP), also known as Level 2 Electricians, must obtain prior approval from the "Electricity Network" & be issued with an "Installation Job Number" by submitting an Application for Connection in advance.

Services carried out by an accredited service provider are:

  • Electrical meter replacement & upgrading.
  • Switchboard upgrade & relocations.
  • Underground connections.
  • Connect/reconnect of premises up to 400 Amp supply.
  • Power-pole installations & connections.
  • Temporary Builders Services.
  • Domestic, commercial & industrial.
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Compliance With Rules and Guidelines
An "Electricity Network" makes ASP's accountable to ensure that the network operates reliably, efficiently & safely both during & after carrying out authorised work. Authorisation, along with other suitable checks, aims to ensure that any work performed by ASP's, on or near an "Electricity Network" & is carried out in accordance with the appropriate standards & safety rules. Authorised work is subject to inspection & review by the "Electricity Network". Defective work that does not comply with the standards will require prompt rectification by the ASP.

Determining the Method of Connecting Supply & Metering Requirements
Electrical contractors can determine the method of connecting supply to a premise & the associated provisions to be made for the location of service equipment in accordance with the Service Rules. This includes any new installations, additions, alterations, relocations or repairs. The "Electricity Network" must be notified of the proposed method of connecting supply using an Application for Connection form.

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