LED Lighting Installations
An L.E.D. is a Light Emitting Diode.

Diodes are a semiconductor device conducting electricity in a single direction. The diode is constructed of layers of different materials. This together with the various designs, creates different colours & intensities of the light.

Reduce your power bills & give your home a true sense of style. Lighting plays a very important part in your house design, comfort & ongoing energy costs. Correct lighting needs to be chosen to suit the application for your home.

LED lights provide the ideal energy efficient lighting solution for any home. Compatible with Clipsal dimmers. Longer lamp life (50,000 Hours). They contain integrated thermal management ensuring the lifespan of the downlight. Clipsal LED downlights provide a perfect solution for any residential or commercial application.
LED Light Picture


  • L.E.D.'S radiate very little heat & are sensitive to fabrics
  • L.E.D.'s can very easily be dimmed
  • L.E.D.'s produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs
  • L.E.D.'s do not contain heavy metals or gases compared to fluorescent bulbs
  • L.E.D.'s do not burn out with frequent on-off cycling & light up very quickly
  • L.E.D.'s are difficult to damage with external shock unlike traditional bulbs
  • L.E.D's dim over time, compared to the burn-out of incandescent bulbs
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